How SCSJ is Combating Voter Suppression

How SCSJ is Ensuring Fair Election Administration

SCSJ represents individual voters and civic engagement groups to make sure elections are fair and every eligible vote is counted. Below are blog posts detailing SCSJ’s work to ensure that election administration is fair and nondiscriminatory.

  • Black Student Voters Challenged and Removed from Voter Rolls
    Fifty-six students at the historically black university, Elizabeth City State University, were removed from the voter registration rolls by the Pasquotank County Board of Elections after challenges by the local Republican Party Chair. [More..]
  • 222 Voters in May Primary Received Wrong Ballot in NC
    A study by SCSJ found that 2056 voters in North Carolina had been assigned to the wrong district in a sampling of 6 of North Carolina’s 100 Counties. 715 of those voters actually voted in the primary and 222 of them received the wrong ballot. [More..]
  • New Election in Mount Gilead
    SCSJ represented a mayoral candidate in an election protest after four African-American voters were improperly denied the right to vote in the municipal election. After an appeal to Superior Court, the North Carolina State Board of Elections voted unanimously in 2012 to order a new election for the office of Mayor of Mt. Gilead. [More..]
  • Challenge to Elizabeth City Councilman
    SCSJ represented challenges to the residency and candidacy of one of two remaining African American City Council members in Elizabeth City, NC, a community with an over 50% African American population. [More…]