The Southern Coalition for Social Justice promotes justice by empowering minority and low-income communities to defend and advance their political, social and economic rights. We view local social justice struggles from a global, international and human rights perspective, and believe it takes a holistic, collective and interdisciplinary approach to address issues at their core, bring sustained structural change, and alter power relations. We use the combined skills of lawyers, social scientists, community organizers and media experts to help underrepresented people develop strategies to achieve their visions for themselves and their communities.

Our five main program areas are voting rights, environmental justice, criminal justice, and youth justice.

Voting Rights

Goals: Protect voting rights. Ensure minority representation. Defend the Voting Rights Act. Eliminate practices that threaten free democratic participation in elections. (Click on title above to read more.)

It’s hard to understand the intricacies and nuances of redistricting — they are confusing and complex. It’s beneficial to have someone with expertise and someone to provide another perspective…No other organization could have helped the way SCSJ is helping.”

–Yannis  Banks, legislative liaison in Texas for NAACP

They gave us hope. I don’t know where we would be without the Southern Coalition. You can’t ask for anything more. I’m shocked. Any time I need them, they are always available.”

–Billy Suddeth, Uni-Four One-Stop Collaborative

Environmental Justice

Goal: Mitigate and prevent environmental injustice where low-income and minority communities are disproportionately burdened. (Click on title above to read more.)

Thanks once again to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. Because of you, justice is still alive in Greensboro, NC.”

–Goldie Wells, Leader of the Coalition of Economic and Environmental Justice, after their victory in preventing the reopening of the White Street Landfill in a predominantly African-American area of Greensboro, December, 2011.

Without SCSJ we would not have been able to accomplish what we did…and we could not have asked for more.”

–Reverend James Clanton, New Hill Community Association

[The partnership with SCSJ] expanded…[our] view of environmental justice…[It] made us a part of the environmental justice fight in the state and nationwide.”

–Reverend James Clanton, New Hill Community Association

[The environmental justice work with SCSJ has] brought the community together in ways that it never had [come together] before.”

–Reverend James Clanton, New Hill Community Association

Criminal Justice

Goals: Reverse the negative effects of the War on Drugs. Eliminate racial bias in the juvenile and criminal justice systems, and the collateral consequences that arise from contact with them. Minimize youth contact with the juvenile and criminal justice systems. (Click on title above to read more.)

In some cases…without the help that you all have provided, people would have been unjustly incarcerated.”

–Reverend Nelson from the Beloved Community Center

This wouldn’t have happened if not for the legal work done with SCSJ…This was not even on the table a year ago.”

–Reverend Nelson from the Beloved Community Center, observing that the Center is now in a position now to create real change between minorities and law enforcement in Greensboro. As a result of the partnership with SCSJ, they have been able to meet with the police department and talk to them about the necessity for restorative justice.

Youth Justice

Goal: Ensure equity, fairness, and justice for youth in high-quality education, juvenile, and criminal systems.